Welcome to Sytron application start page

Within the framework of the european project "REPOSIT" (6th PCRD), the Ecole des Mines de Nantes made a collaborative working tool of Tele-learning. This tool will exploit the new prospects that 3D real time can offer as regards information representation and interaction possibilities between users. The designed prototype lets three or four students and a tutor, all geographically separated, to take part in a course of practical work about robotics.

Configuration Requirements :
1. First install Virtools Web Player 2.5 (minimum) at : Virtools.com
2. Install the : Sytron Virtools Dll add-on
3. Verify Windows Media Player 9 with MPEG4 codec and MPEG2 Transport decoder are installed
4. Install Robust Audio Tool for audio multicast communication

:: Launch Sytron application ( Video tutorials are available here ) ::

Heating Board device Pekee device Six axes robot device
Internet Explorer 5.5 minimum or Netscape 7 and a recent 3D graphic card are required
After launching Sytron application, configure display options (right click menu)

Contact : ryad.chellali@emn.fr // Ecole des Mines de Nantes, 4 rue Alfred Kastler, 44300 Nantes (France)