EAOP tool


We are pleased to present the first public distribution of our research prototype for Event-based Aspect-Oriented Programming (EAOP) for Java. EAOP 1.0 realizes the EAOP model through the following characteristics: The tool provides a testbed for the experimentation of aspect languages. As such, it does not provide specialized languages for pointcuts and advice (such as AspectJ) but offers a framework for the definition of arbitrary aspects.

Note that version 1.0 provides EAOP support for non-distributed applications.


The (GPL-licensed) distribution is available through the following link:

EAOP-1_0.zip (19 Dec. 2002)

It contains the complete source code, several examples and rudimentary documentation.


The distribution includes some (admittedly rudimentary) documentation, in particular:

A more detailed presentation of the architecture and principles underlying the implementation can be found in the following article:

R. Douence, M. Südholt
"A model and a tool for Event-based Aspect-Oriented Programming (EAOP)", TR 02/11/INFO, École des Mines de Nantes, french version accepted at LMO'03, 2nd edition, Dec. 2002.

More information (essentially in form of research articles) about the EAOP approach can be found at the EAOP homepage.

Applications and future work

As part of the EU project EasyComp we are on the application of the model and tool for component-based applications.

In the near future, we intend to work on the following issues concerning the EAOP tool:

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