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EJB3 and Annotations: annotation driven metadata of domain models

Tutorial T2

By: Emmanuel Bernard (JBoss Europe)


A great technology has come in the Java space for development productivity and ease of use: annotations.

Annotations are particularly suited to define domain model centric metadata. EJB3 Persistence uses annotations to define the expected related metadata. This tutorial will drive you into the annotations defined by the EJB3 specification, how to use them on a day to day basis, but also their underlying design.

Annotations are much more than that. An excerpt will be given through the annotations driven domain model constraints definition and the use of Hibernate Validator as a constraint checker. « Define once, check anywhere ».

After this tutorial you should be able to map your persistent domain model using EJB3 annotations. You also should be able to use Hibernate Validator as your constraint checker framework and you should have been made aware of the usage of annotations in your day to day programmer's life.

Duration: Half day

Level and Required experience

General knowledge of ORM (Object Relational Mapping) expected. Practical experience of one / two months preferable. No knowledge of EJB3 nor annotations is required.

Speaker's profile

Emmanuel Bernard is involved in the Object Relational Mapping space for more than 3 years and a member of the Hibernate team for more than 2 years. As a current JBoss Europe core developer, Emmanuel is the lead developer of Hibernate Annotations and Hibernate EntityManager, two key projects on top of Hibernate core to implements the EJB3 specification. Part of his position is to frequently give JBoss Hibernate trainings and consulting across Europe. Emmanuel is also a member of the EJB3 expert group for more than a year now.