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July 3-7, Nantes (France)

View of Nantes View of Nantes Nantes Cathedral

Situation of Nantes

Nantes is located in western Europe, in France, at about 60 km from the seaside. The town lies on three rivers: the Loire, which is the longest river of France, the Erdre, and the Sèvre.

Population: Nantes and its neighborhood host more than half a million inhabitants. It is the sixth biggest town in France.

Information about travelling to Nantes is available in the Travel section.

Maps of Nantes

The Loire flows from east to west. On the right bank (north), flows the Erdre. On the left bank (south), flows the Sèvre. The city lies mostly on the right bank.

In order to locate an address, you may use Mappy. The postal code of Nantes is 44000, with a few variants 44100, 44200, 44300, depending on the exact location.

Conference Location

ECOOP 2006 takes place in the Nantes Conference Center, Cité des Congrès.

Cité des congrès
5 rue de Valmy
44000 Nantes
Tel. (+33) 2 51 88 20 00
Conference center Logo of the Conference Center

Information about how to get to the Conference Center is available in the Travel section.

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