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July 3-7, Nantes (France)
Guidelines for Tutorial Proposals

A tutorial's basic purpose is to give a deeper or more covering insight into its area than a conventional lecture would do. That is why it extends over a half or a full day. This gives the speaker better possibilities to structure the tutorial in a proper manner.

If you think that you are highly experienced in a certain area of object-orientation and that others could benefit from sharing this experience with you, you should submit a proposal.

What should a proposal look like?

To make the evaluation process easier, please write your proposal according to the following scheme. Proposals adhering to this form will be truly preferred. Proposals will be submitted by electronic mail in pdf format sent to tutorial-ecoop2006...please ignore this...@emn.fr.





This information will be used by the tutorial chairs for reviewing the detailed tutorial contents. The outline should be a table of contents of the tutorial, with a few keywords for each section, and with a rough estimate of the time spent on each.


Level and Required experience

The tutorial level can be introductory, intermediate, or advanced. The technical prerequisites should appear clearly in order to ease the attendees choices.

Expected audience

Speaker's profile

Speaker's profile for the Advance Program

Tutorial resume



What should a tutorial look like?

If you never presented a tutorial before here are some suggestions that may help you in preparing your presentation.


Slides and notes


Organisational Questions

ECOOP is a non-profit conference that offers high-quality knowledge at a reasonable price. Therefore, we recently decided to give up the honorarium for the tutorial speakers. Nevertheless, giving a tutorial at ECOOP is attractive since it brings you into contact with people of similar interests and may provide good visibility for your work.

Travel compensation

A travel compensation of up to 500 € (or up to 1300 € for long distance trips) will be paid for tutorial attracting a significant number of participants. The compensation will be based on economic air fares augmented by the amount to cover surface transportations between Nantes Airport and the conference site. The travel reimbursement will be allowed upon reception of the tickets, which will not be returned. Multiple speakers will have to decide to whom the forfeit reimbursement is to be allocated. Notice that all final decision upon travel compensation are up to the Tutorial Chairs.


The ECOOP organizers will take care of the hotel reservation and accommodation fees, up to two nights. Multiple speakers will decide to whom the reservation is to be allocated.


Tutorial speakers will receive one free conference attendance, which includes access to workshops and research tracks. Multiple speakers will decide to whom the registration is to be allocated.


Note that an accepted tutorial that does not attract a minimum number of participants until the early registration deadline may be cancelled by the ECOOP 2006 organization. In this case, the speaker will be notified and no compensation will be due to the tutorial speaker. However, we shall still grant him or her a free registration to the conference, excluding any refund of travel or lodging expenses.

Additional information

The earlier a proposal arrives, the better the chances to get feedback in order to bring the proposal into a form that is likely to be accepted. For additional questions or clarification, or for your suggestions, please feel free to contact the Tutorial Chairs.