New: The MaggLite. Version 0.2a is out !!!

MaggLite User Interface Toolkit

MaggLite is a new Java(tm) post-WIMP user-interface toolkit under development by Stéphane Huot at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes. Relying on recent HCI technologies, MaggLite allows to rapidly prototype or design UIs with included advanced interaction techniques (muliple pointers, bimanual interaction, gesture or speech recognition, etc.). The original architecture of MaggLite and the use of the Input Configurator (ICon) system improves flexibility and adaptability of the toolkit.

Multiple Inputs Support Sketch-based Interface Builder and Graphical Interactions Configurator New pluggable interaction techniques Configurable and advanced post-WIMP UIs



MaggLite examples and videos (full descriptions, screenshots and videos coming soon)

MaggLite releases and documentation

MaggLite v0.2a is out !!! It's still a "test" distribution. Source code is not included. Send an email if you want it.

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Stéphane Huot
Cédric Dumas