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Angel CAPUTI, Uruguay

Many decades ago, I was trained as a MD and in further specialized in clinical neurology and neurophysiology  in Montevideo, Uruguay (UDELAR). In parallel I was trained as a Neuroscientist particularly in physiology, biophysics, anatomy and modelling (PhD, UDELAR; post doctoral fellowships in U. of Calgary, Canada and RSDow Neurosciences Institute, Portland (OR), USA ).

Between 1981 and 2001 I performed clinical practice in parallel to basic research until 2001 when I was selected by an international committee as Head of the Department of Integrative and Computational Neurosciences of the Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas Clemente Estable.

My areas of interest in research are sensory motor integration and cognition.  I have focused for many years  my research on the peripheral loop of the action perception cycle using electric fish as a biological model. Now ,I am moving to central aspects of the interaction between the individual and the environment including the central control of emited signal carriers, exploratory movements, and sensory flow of information.

My talk will focus on two subtopics: 1) how energy carriers, receptive mosaic properties and imaging rules determine the information extracted by different sensory systems and 2) how species-specific repertoire of senses  (i.e. the body) determine the perceptual world of an individual.

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