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Michael Triantafyllou is the William I. Koch Professor of Marine Technology and Director of the Center for Ocean Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has taught and has published over 100 journal articles in the areas of biomimetics, dynamics and control of marine systems, and experimental fluid mechanics.

He completed his undergraduate studies (1969‐1974) at the National Technical University of Athens, and his graduate studies in Ocean Engineering at MIT (SM Ocean Engineering, SM Mechanical Engineering 1977, ScD 1979).

He served as Assistant Professor (1979‐83), Associate Professor (1983‐90), Professor (1990‐2004), in the Department of Ocean Engineering at MIT.

Prof. Triantafyllou is a member of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, the American Physical Society, and the Intern.

Society for Offshore & Polar Engineers.

Honors and Awards include:

William I Koch Professorhip in Marine Technology (since 2008),

Cover of Science (2003),

RoboTuna on permanent exhibit at the Museum of Science, London (since 1998); prototype RoboTuna in national travelling exhibit on robots, Science Museum of Minnesota (2003‐2004).

Visiting Professor, ETH Zurich (1999),

NTU Athens (1994,2000),

NTH Norway (1993),

Kyushu U. (1986).

Discover Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation (1998).

ABS/Linnard Prize for best paper in the Transactions of SNAME (1997).

Highlight Paper of 1995

Scientific American. H. L. Doherty

Professorship in Ocean Utilization (1983‐1985).


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5. D.N. Beal, F.S. Hover, M.S. Triantafyllou, J.C. Liao, & G.V. Lauder, 2006, “Passive propulsion in vortex wakes”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 549, 385‐402.

6. V. I. Fernandez, S. M. Hou, F. S. Hover, J. H. Lang, & M.S. Triantafyllou, 2009, “Development and Application of Distributed MEMS Pressure Sensor Array for AUV Object Avoidance”, Proc. Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology Symp., UUST ’09, Durham, NH, August 2009.

7. S. Licht, M. Wibawa, F. S. Hover, & M.S. Triantafyllou, 2010, “In‐line motion causes high thrust and efficiency in flapping foils that use power downstroke”, Journal of Experimental Biology, 213, 63‐71.

8. J. Conte, Y. Modarres‐Sadeghi, M. Watts, F.S. Hover, & M.S. Triantafyllou, 2010, “A fast‐starting mechanical fish that accelerates at 40 m/s2”, Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, (in the press).

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