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Poster session and abstracts

Poster number Title Authors
1 From Bees’ surface following to Lunar landing F. Ruffier, G. Portelli, J. Serres, T. Raharijaona, and N. Franceschini
2 Learning to Localize Sound with a Lizard Ear Model Danish Shaikh, John Hallam, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard
3 Autonomous Spacecraft Landing Through Human Pre-attentive Vision and Optimal Control Theory Giuseppina Schiavone, Dario Izzo, Luís F. Simões, Guido C. H. E. de Croon
4 Steering by Gazing: An Efficient Biomimetic Strategy for the Visual Stabilization of Micro-Air Vehicles Stéphane Viollet, Lubin Kerhuel, Raphaël Juston and Nicolas Franceschini
5 Bio-inspired Tactile Control for the Dexterous Manipulation of Unknown Objects Rosana Matuk Herrera
6 Underwater navigation with electric sense and Kalman filter A. Girin, V. Lebastard, C. Chevellereau
7 Weakly electric fish as models for underwater robots: The use of active electrolocation for the perception of 3-dimensional objects in complex environments Katharina Behr, Gerhard von der Emde
8 Model of perception by the electric sense: application for the navigation of underwater vehicles B. Jawad, P.B. Gossiaux, F. Boyer
9 Design of compact multichannel optical systems inspired by the vision of invertebrates Florence de la Barrière, Guillaume Druart, Nicolas Guérineau, Jean Taboury, Manuel Fendler
10 AIR FLOW SENSING IN CRICKETS HAIRS AND MEMS SENSORS Jérôme Casas, Thomas Steinmann, Brice Bathellier
11 Novelty Detection in Laminar and Turbulent Flows Otar Akanyeti and M. Camilla Fiazza
12 Visual Behaviour Based Bio-inspired Polarization Techniques In Computer Vision and Robotics Abd-Elrahman Shabayek, Olivier Morel, David Fof
13 A quadrotor platform for bio-inspired navigation experiments Oswald Berthold, Mathias Müller and Verena Hafner
14 Impact of the aerodynamical signature of attacking spiders on the sensory performance of prey Thomas Steinmann & Jérôme Casas
15 Algorithms inspired from active electro-location behavior of weak electric fish, developed for autonomous eel-like swimming robot. Konstantin Startchev, Pascal Fua, Mathieu Porez, Alessandro Crespi, Auke Ijspeert
16 Investigating the behaviour of weakly electric fish with a Fish Avatar Tobias Dipper, Kristina Gebhardt, Serge Kernbach, Gerhard von der Emde
17 Robot vision based on the locust visual system Ana Carolina Vilares and Cristina P Santos
18 Toward long range robot navigation Adrien Jauffret, Nicolas Cuperlier and Philippe Gaussier
19 Indoor and outdoor performances of a miniature bio- inspired local motion sensor Fabien Expert, Stéphane Viollet and Franck Ruffier
20 Sensing Flow in the Aquatic World: The Fish Lateral Line as a Model System for Bioinspired Robotic Systems Joachim Mogdans
21 Toward a fully autonomous hovercraft visually guided thanks to its own bio-inspired motion sensors Frédéric Roubieu, Julien Serres, Stéphane Viollet, Franck Ruffier and Nicolas Franceschini
22 Terrestrial Locomotion Modeling Bio-inspired by Elongated Animals S. Ali, F. Boyer, M. Porez
23 Cell migration as a bio-inspired design of crawling robots Jörg Bandura, Wolfgang Alt
24 Biomechanics of morphing wings in a Bat-robot actuated by SMA muscles. Julian Colorado, Antonio Barrientos, and Claudio Rossi.
25 Model of passively deformable wing bioinspired from insects A. Belkhiri, F. Boyer, M. Porez
27 Aerodynamics and Autonomy of the DelFly G.C.H.E. de Croon, B.W. van Oudheusden, B. Remes, C. De Wagter, and R. Ruijsink
28 Mechanical principles of ground-to-air transition in a butterfly Gaëlle Bimbard, Richard Bomphrey, Ramiro Godoy-Diana, Benjamin Thiria and Jérôme Casas
29 Robotic hummingbird – simulation model and longitudinal flight control M Karásek and A Preumont
30 Three-dimensional flow near the flapping wings D. Kolomenskiy, H. K. Moffatt, M. Farge and K. Schneider
31 Behind the performance of flapping flyers Sophie Ramananarivo, Ramiro Godoy-Diana and Benjamin Thiria
32 A simple neural network controller merging different behaviors for collector robots. Antoine de Rengerve ́, Julien Hirel, Mathias Quoy, Pierre Andry and Philippe Gaussier
33 iSpike: A Spiking Neural Interface for the iCub Robot Edgars Lazdins, Andreas K. Fidjeland, David Gamez
34 A Neural Network Generating Force Command for Motor Control of a Robotic Arm Antoine de Rengerve ́, Pierre Andry and Philippe Gaussier
35 Object discrimination on the neuronal level: How object features are encoded in the brain of the weakly electric fish, Gnathonemus petersii Simone Gertz, Jacob Engelmann and Gerhard von der Emde
36 Q-function Approximation in Batch Mode Reinforcement Learning Manuel Blum
37 Human-Robot Interaction with the iCub Humanoid robot unsing a Neuro-inspired Model of Reinforcement Learning M. Khamassi, S. Lallée, P. Enel, E. Procyk, P.F. Dominey
38 Bipedal Locomotion Control with Rhythmic Neural Circuits J. Nassour, P. Henaff F. B. Ouezdou and G. Cheng
39 Nonlinear Motion Control of CPG-based Swimming with Applications to a Class of Swimming Robots Y. Morel, M. Porez, A.J. Ijspeert
40 Simulation of semi-passive underwater locomotion with a CPG based controller Cecilia Tapia Siles and Ryad Chellali
42 Porpoising foil as a propulsion system F. FLOC’H, S. PHOEMSAPTHAWEE2, J. M. LAURENS and J. B. LEROUX
43 Towards Motor-less and Gear-less Robots: a bio-mimetic Fish Design C. Rossi, W. Coral, J. Colorado, A. Barrientos
44 A bio-mimetic design of a fish-like robot with compliant tail Hadi EL Daou, Taavi Salumae, Asko Ristolainen, Gert Toming, Madis Listak, and Maarja kruusmaa
45 Hopping Leg Design Using Crank-Slider Mechanism Doyoung Chang, Namsoo Kim, Dongkyu Choi, TaeWon Seo and Jongwon Kim
46 A Chameleon-Like Service Robot for Space Station Hui Li, Marco Ceccarelli, Qiang Huang and Giuseppe Carbone
47 Dynamic Motions by a Quadruped Musculoskeletal Robot with Angle-Dependent Moment Arms Satoshi Nishikawa, Yasunori Yamada, Kazuya Shida and Yasuo Kuniyoshi
48 Emergent Locomotion Patterns from A Quadruped Pneumatic Musculoskeletal Robot with Spinobulbar Model Yasunori Yamada, Satoshi Nishikawa, Kazuya Shida and Yasuo Kuniyoshi
49 A Review of Self-Righting Techniques for Terrestrial Animals M. Davis, C. Gouinaud, J.-C. Fauroux, P. Vaslin
50 A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Multi Robot Navigation Strategy Raffaele Grandi, Riccardo Falconi, Claudio Melchiorri
51 Two dimensional Motion Camouflage for Unicycle Robots Inaki Rano, Chris Burbridge
52 NEURARM: a dynamic robotic model of the human arm T.Lenzi, N.Vitiello, S.M.M. De Rossi, S.Roccella, F.Vecchi, M.C. Carrozza
53 A Miniature Jumping Robot with Flea-inspired Catapult System: Active Latch and Trigger Minkyun Noh, Seungwon Kim, Kyu-Jin Cho
54 A control strategie for bipedal robots with redundant actuators C. Rengifo, Y. Aoustin, F.Plestan, C. Chevallereau
55 Generating Timed Trajectories for Autonomous Robots Jorge Bruno Silva, Vitor Matos, Cristina Santos
56 Locomotion Gait Optimization for a Quadruped Robot Miguel Oliveira , Cristina Santos, Manuel Ferreira, Lino Costa
57 Attractor-based postural control for a quadruped robot Vítor Matos and Cristina Peixoto dos Santos
58 Crawling, walking or rolling for obstacle-crossing ? Bio-inspiration for the OpenWHEEL i3R agile mobile robot Jean-Christophe FAUROUX  and Philippe VASLIN
59 Trot Gait Locomotion of a Cat Sized Quadruped Robot A. Tuleu, M. Ajallooeian, A. Sprowitz, P. Lopelmann and A. J. Ijspeert
60 HyQ - A Dynamic Locomotion Research Platform C. Semini, J. Buchli, M. Frigerio, T. Boaventura, M. Focchi, E. Guglielmino, F. Cannella, N. G. Tsagarakis and D. G. Caldwell
61 Modeling, simulation and control of fish-like swimming Michel Bergmann, Angelo Iollo
62 Design of a biologically inspired navigation system for the Psikharpax rodent robot K. Caluwaerts, C. Grand, S. N'Guyen, L. Dollé, A. Guillot, M. Khamassi
63 Biologically plausible neural network for spatio-temporal robotic navigation Julien Hirel, Mathias Quoy and Philippe Gaussier
64 Characterization of a salamander-like robot A. Crespi, K. Karakasiliotis, J. Knuesel and A. J. Ijspeert
65 An Innovative Actuation Method based on the Osmotic Principle Fabio Mattioli, Lucia Beccai and Barbara Mazzolai
66 Development of a compliant snake-like robot Cesare Stefanini, Luigi Manfredi, Stefano Orofino, Stefano Mintchev, Stefano Marrazza, Tareq Assaf, Lorenza Capantini, Umberto Scarfogliero, Edoardo Sinibaldi, and Paolo Dario
67 Validation of neural mechanisms through a bio-robotic artefact S.Orofino, S.Marrazza, T.Assaf, L.Manfredi, L.Capantini, S.Mintchev, C.Stefanini, P.Dario and S.Grillner
68 Development of a modular underwater bio-inspired robot S.Mintchev, S.Orofino, S.Marrazza, L.Manfredi, C.Stefanini and P.Dario
69 Flexible flapping foils Catherine Marais, Ramiro Godoy-Diana and José Eduardo Wesfreid
70 What would happen if Mackerels swim like eels or tunas? Hydrodynamic investigation of hybrid Body/Caudal fin kinematics effects by using a self-propulsion robotic fish Li Wen, Wu Guanhao, Wang Tianmiao, Liang Jianhong
71 Planar steady-state physical modelling for a cable-driven octopus-like arm manipulator F. Renda, M. Cianchetti, M. Giorelli, B. Mazzolai, P. Dario and C. Laschi
72 Novel Design Principles for a Biomimetic Soft-Robot based on the In Vivo Characterization of the Morphology and Mechanics of Octopus Arm L Margheri, M Cianchetti, B Mazzolai, P Dario and C Laschi
73 Indirect Control Effects of Structural Flexibility of Wings in Flapping Flights of Butterfly Kei Senda, Naoto Yokoyama, Takuya Obara and Koji Yokoi
74 Minimalistic Approach Towards Underwater Swarm Robotic Development Donny Sutantyo and Serge Kernbach
75 Gesture-contolled robot Kiyoshi Hoshino, Takuya Kasahara, Motomasa Tomida, and Takanobu Tanimoto
76 Biomimetic-Based Bounded Output Feedback for Attitude Stabilization of a Flapping Micro Aerial Vehicle H. Rifaı, J.-F. Guerrero-Castellanos, N. Marchand
77 Blending into the Hive: A Novel Biomimetic Honeybee Robot for the Analysis of the Dance Communication System Tim Landgraf
78 Reactive force and moment acting on an elongated body evolving in a weakly non-uniform ambient flow F. Candelier
79 Biomimetics for a new generation robots

Patrick van der Smagt

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