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Submission Instructions

Submissions may be either long (no longer than 15 pages), or short (no longer than 5 pages), and formatted using the Springer LNCS format.

Please submit your paper via the EasyChair system as follows:

1. Go to the EasyChair login page for MtATL 2011 at

2a. If you have an existing EasyChair account, then login using those details and you will enter the system as an MtATL 2011 author.

2b. If you do not have an EasyChair account, click the link for those without an account, which takes you to the "How to login to EasyChair" page. Again click on the link to obtain an EasyChair account, and follow the instructions. Once your account has been created and verified, you can then proceed to login as above.

3. Once you have logged in to the system, and are in the MtATL 2011 (author) section, select the New Submission menu and follow the instructions on the page.